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I couldn't wait to finish the tasks that Athena required me to do in order to marry my girlfriend Annabeth. Athena nods to me before touching my shoulder and flashing us to the camp.

I run to the entrance of the camp, I see Chiron and Nico talking before waving to them. Do you know where Annabeth is at? Nico flinches a bit before nodding and telling me where to find her. I was a bit confused at what I heard right after I left. I make my way to Zeus' fist, but stop when I hear a girl and guy's voice. I see a couple making out not to far from me, I gasp when I get a good view of the girl.

I couldn't believe that my girlfriend would cheat on me after everything we did together.


I took out the silver ring with a blue diamond on it. I show the ring to her before taking out riptide and slicing it in half. I use my water powers and dump water on both of them before leaving angrily. I run to my cabin and slam the door before laying down on the bed. Two weeks later I decided to go to the gods and ask for death. Everyone replaced me for his brother because of him doing twelve labors of Hercules. The only ones who haven't forgotten me are Nico, Thalia, and Chiron.

On the way to the gods, I can hear many of the bad things that my suppose friends are saying which makes me angrier. I walk into the building and ask for the key to the th floor. After threatening the key person I make my way into the elevator and wait until I reach the th floor. I walk out of the elevator until I reach the god's throne room. I stand before the gods in hope that they grant me my one request. Zeus looks at me with his curious filled blue eyes. The rest of the Olympians did the same.

My father looked at me with worry. I looked terrible. My green eyes were rimmed with red, tears flowing down my face, and I have no doubt that I am as pale as a sheet of paper.

Hestia looked sad; I think she already knows why I am here. Artemis looks at me with genuine curiosity. I took a deep breath before looking at the god of skies.

My father looked sick and Artemis' eyes widened. Hestia looked even more depressed and Ares looked sad. Aphrodite looked depressed that her favorite pairing percabeth was destroyed. Even Zeus looked at me with worry. I felt pain in my chest as I grip where my heart is at. Athena seemed to notice my pain. She looked regretful. After all I've done for them; they cast me aside because a new hero did the twelve labors of Hercules, while I have won two wars for them.

I've been treated like trash at camp half-blood for the last two weeks and Annabeth cheated on me with my half-brother.I am still working on the other stories I have in the works, even if it doesn't seem like it. Anyways I am a really big fan of the reading the books genre sooo….

The twelve Olympians were gathered in the throne room, glancing around uncertainly. They had all suddenly felt the need to be there, but were now unsure of what exactly they were doing. A few moments later; Hades, Hestia, Persephone, and Amphitrite flashed into existence. They all stared at each other for a second. Just when Zeus got up to demand an explanation, a note appeared in front of his face, startling him enough that he reached out and grabbed it without thinking.

He scanned the note, adopting a startled and incredulous look as he read. He looked at her for a moment before clearing his throat, shooting a glance at Apollo and Hermes, and reading the note aloud. Greetings fellow Gods and Goddesses, I am sure you are wondering why you have been summoned, but that will have to wait. You see, everyone is not here yet. Shortly you will be getting a variety of visitors from different points in the future; introductions can wait until everyone has arrived.

We apologize for the inconvenience; it is taking longer than we thought to transport them. The gathered Gods sat in silence for a moment.

Finally Hades sighed and created thrones for himself and Persephone, Hestia went to sit by the hearth, and Amphitrite created a throne next to Poseidon. A few conversations sprung up as they waited, but most of the Gods waited in silence.

About 2 minutes later there was a girl in the middle of the room. No one noticed her for a few moments as she was not accompanied by a bang or flash, rather one second she was not there, and the next she was.

As a rather sensible girl, rather than making some sort of exclamation upon landing, she used the time to analyze her surrounding, quickly deducing that she was either in Olympus of the past, or a very detailed recreation. Barely seconds later, Hestia noticed her. She was tall, with long, curly blonde hair containing a single stripe of grey, and had startling grey eyes. She was dressed for comfort, with a pair of hiking boots, jean shorts and an orange Camp Half-Blood tee-shirt. She wore minimal natural make-up, had several hair-bands on her left wrist, owl-shaped earrings, a necklace with 8 clay beads and a man's college class-ring, a large grey canvas backpack slung over one shoulder with what seemed to be a baseball cap of some sort sticking out of one of the side pockets, and a Celestial Bronze dagger at her hip.

Hestia smiled at the girl, before creating a chair and saying, "Please, take a seat while we wait for the rest of the arrivals from the future. Annabeth walked over and sat in the admittedly comfortable chair, fiddling with the Yankees ball-cap she had pulled from the backpack when she sat it down, wondering why and how she had a backpack as she hadn't been carrying one as she awaited the landing of the Argo II.

They had been in sight of New Rome! So Close! She struggled to hide the crushing pain and disappointment of not getting to at least see Andy. But then she began to wonder… if ever there was a demigod with a knack for becoming involved with any strange situation, it was Andy… and if this wasn't a strange situation… Hestia had said that more people would be showing up. She felt hope bloom in her chest.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Home Community General Fem! Focus: General All Categories, Since: Founder: coolo - Stories: 71 - Followers: 37 - Staff: 1 - id: He escapes to Camp Jupiter, where the Romans still respect his strength and remain friendly.

What happens when he meets a certain daughter of Bellona? Read and find out! Reincarnated by katraj reviews Fem! A woman is reincarnated into Calistena Amaris Jackson. Life is a bit more difficult when you are reborn the daughter of a Greek god.

She finds out that her boyfriend has been cheating on her. That, combined with past experiences, leaves her hurting and finding it hard to trust people. The Seven become gods and Percy joins the Olympian council. What will happen now? Percy x Ares. Sequel is out and is way better. High school? Percy goes to Male! Annabeth's high school! Time to battle new monsters like jealous boys and crazy girls.

Will genderbent Percabeth survive? It's your choice! Currently being rewritten, won't make much sense for a while. Rated T because I'm paranoid. FemPercyxJason THe demigods get sent back in time to do one of the most cliche things ever in fanfiction. They're reading the books! But this time its with a twist. Percy's missing and now Jason's freaking out. Want to know why? Read to find out! Percy's full name is Persephone not Perseus ok? And him her. But with him over at Kronos side,And her the Olympians,their love must be kept a secret.Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Founder: kittymitten - Stories: 43 - Followers: 10 - id: The Big Three and the Sea of Monsters by luvWrites reviews The gods and the big three children both Roman and Greek along with some heroes from the past continue to read Percy's past and their future.

This takes place when Olympus is closed and Zoe is wondering where Percy is. The story starts with Percy being kidnapped. Re-continued, but Slow Updates. What happens when they get some insight on the future reading Anaklusmos14's Lord Perseus Child of Rome. They think they know everything. But, a final book still remains A Demigod's Tale by starlightisms reviews Percy and his friends are suddenly transported to big room with a bunch of kids and adults.

Wait, are those Goode students and teachers? What's going on? When the Fates come and present a book for them to read Let's just say, all Hades was about to break loose. On Indefinite Hiatus. Obviously Percy wants to read it, leading to Thalia, Annabeth, and a few others to reading and enjoying some short stories about Percy. Reading the short stories from the demigod files! First fanfic, go easy on me.

Sort of. Percy and Annabeth have just fallen into Tartarus so and the rest of the Heroes from HoO wonder what happened to them and end up in the past with the past Gods.

Reading The Last Olympian With a very differnt twist by Son of Erebus god of Shadows reviews like any other reading the books story but mine has something never done before i am sure of it How will Percy remember his adveentures in time and space and will he want to keep them when he does. Only Thalia Grace has the answers The Gods read about Percy and Luke running off. Here they go again.

Oh Gods. This was not what they were expecting. T because There might be cursing and i feel like it. Watching the Percy Jackson Movie by xzx reviews There are lots of stories about reading the book, but this time they watch the movie. One day while Zeus, Poseidon, and Hera are arguing Apollo comes rushing in with several books about the lasts few years. What will everyone think? Includes major gods, minor gods, and others.

Visit to the Past by coralie14 reviews This is not a reading of the books. The demi-gods are sent to to explain things in the future. Can they change the future? Read to find out. Rated T just in case.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Female Percy Stories. Founder: bookwormultimate - Stories: - Followers: 0 - id: Basically any story where Percy is a girl. Percy does not have to be a daughter of Poseidon. All ratings are welcomed. The Prison Of Ogygia by PerseusAchillesTheseusJackson reviews The only daughter of Poseidon, Persephone Jackson, has lived with Calypso her whole life, cursed by the king of the gods, lord Zeus, for the possibility of being a future threat.

What happens when a certain son of Zeus stumbles upon their presence? Jason the prophecy child. Summer's Come and Gone by Jaibesoindunbiscuit reviews Percy's tired of fighting, tired of nightmares, and tired of immature demigods. But most of all, she's tired of not knowing what's going on with Nico. Spared legged on a barricade by Nerisa reviews Gender bend.

What if Percy offended a god at his first week at camp? Whit this unusual punishment make him question his side in the war? You cant sit spared legged on a barricade for ever.

A decision must be made. The Gods give her their blessing making her the only mortal in history with the blessing of the Gods.

Semi-Immortal Percy. Priscilla Jacobs, Daughter Of Aphrodite by Wisegirl6 reviews Aphrodite turns Percy into a girl, accidentally, and has no clue how to change him back.

With a war approaching will Percy get back to himself in time to stop it? Add the fact that Connor's in love with Priscilla and this is just a recipe for disaster!

Who am I?

gods read fem percy fanfiction apollo

One question she asks herself is how many parents have a right to call her there daughter. Will she ever know her parent or whoever they are.It was an ordinary day at camp half-blood, campers were doing the usual camp activities, Pegasus riding, making crafts archery Right in the centre of the arena a golden light erupted and started to expand, screams were heard from the campers and nearly all of them drew out a weapon.

They were trained for this. What they didn't expect was the olympians standing with a scowl on their faces. Athena stepped forward. Chattering erupted in the stand "Don't take this personally" Percy started off "But we don't care about a book". A publisher in New York asked me to write down what I know about the Greek gods, and I was like, "Can we do this anonymously? Because I don't need the Olympians mad at me again.

But if it helps you to know your Greek gods, and survive an encounter with them if they ever show up in your face, then I guess writing all this down will be my good deed for the week.

My story has already been written down in some books that are total fiction wink, wink and I am just a character from the story cough—yeah, right—cough. Just go easy on me while I'm telling you about the gods, all right? There's like forty bajillion. I'm going to tell you the versions that make the most sense to me. I promise I didn't make any of this up.

gods read fem percy fanfiction apollo

I got all these stories straight from the Ancient Greek and Roman dudes who wrote them down in the first place. Believe me, I couldn't make up stuff this weird. So here we go. First I'll tell you how the world got made. Then I'll run down a list of gods and give you my two cents about each of them. I just hope I don't make them so mad they incinerate me before I—. Anyway, I'll start with the Greek story of creation, which by the way, is seriously messed up.

Wear your safety glasses and your raincoat. There will be blood. I don't think the Ancient Greeks were, either. Nobody had a pen and paper to take notes, so I can't vouch for what follows, but I can tell you it's what the Greeks thought happened.Sure, she was pretty.

She had her mother's long blond hair and Zeus's sky blue eyes.

gods read fem percy fanfiction apollo

She didn't have a care in the world. She was sure the whole world had been invented just for her pleasure. She loved the outdoors. She spent her days roaming the countryside with her nymph and goddess friends, wading in streams, picking flowers in sunlit meadows, eating fresh fruit right off the tree—. The thing is, Persephone didn't have much else going for her.

She wasn't all that bright. She wasn't brave. She didn't really have any goals or hobbies other than the flower-picking thing. She was just kind of there, enjoying life and being a spoiled, sheltered, overprivileged kid. I guess it's nice work if you can get it, but I didn't grow up that way, so I don't have much sympathy for her. Still, Demeter lived for her daughter, and I can't blame her for being over-protective. Demeter had had enough bad experiences with those sneaky male gods. After all, Persephone had come into the world because of a snake ambush.

The kid was lucky she wasn't hatched from an egg. Of course, since Persephone was declared off-limits, all the male gods noticed her and thought she was incredibly hot. She complains how Persephone should have married the god of doctors instead. I was at the time the god of doctors because I was god of healing and Asclepius was yet to born.

Guess what, Demeter shooed me. He looked at Hades, who was glowering slightly. He didn't want the lordvof underworld on his tail. Anytime one of them got close, Demeter appeared out of nowhere with her dragon-drawn chariot and her wicked golden sword. Gods or goddesses related to earth always love their children. An old gloomy dude who lives in the world's largest cave filled with thesouls of the dead, and he falls in love with a pretty young girl who likes sunlight and flowers and the Great Outdoors.

He wasn't a big fan of his stepmom. She turned him into a Dandelion plant to discipline him. Besides, Demeter wouldn't let any god get close to her daughter.

No way in Tartarus would she let Hades date her. But he was lonely down there in the Underworld with no company except the dead.


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